MiraFlex Topical Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Cream
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MiraFlex Works Faster and Better.

When you're in pain you just want it to stop quickly, right?

Hear what people say about MiraFlex and why we’re different.

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Painful Inflammation Destroys Tissue!

Get pain relief that lasts from miraFlex, the next generation in pain relief. MiraFlex analgesic cream quickly stops pain and calms inflammation, the root cause of chronic pain.

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Select your ailment to see how you can benefit from MiraFlex.

What Are People Saying About MiraFlex?


I have been suffering from planter fasciitis for a month. After 2 applications of MiraFlex my pain has completely gone! I have now given this to my wife who will be trying it next.

-Koshy Philip

I've been using miraFlex everyday. It has helped me with both my neck shoulder and leg pain that's been keeping me up at night. I think you have something good here.

-Gary A. Deutchman

It works so well, I bought the company. Everyone I know uses miraFlex.

- R.C. Cunningham
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What Makes MiraFlex Better?


A delivery vehicle that provides faster, better penetration of the active ingredients to the affected area.


Three powerful, well documented all natural anti-inflammatories to calm the destructive effects of inflammation.


The two best pain relievers allowed for topical preparations without a prescription.


MiraFlex is safe with no known contra-indications or adverse events reported.

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