About Us


We are Longeva Labs, Inc., the maker of Miraflex.


The name Longeva is our own shortened version of “longevity” – a term we feel is a proper association for how we live our lives and how we feel others can live also.

Your body was designed to provide you with good service for a long time provided you take a few simple measures: pay as much attention to what you put in your body, avoid spending too much time on your couch and when you go to bed, get enough rest.

Longeva Labs create products that help us live longer, more active lives. All of us at Longeva Labs are heavily involved with our families school and athletics.

Your ability to live a long and healthy life also depends on how well you deal with pain and inflammation. It’s widely accepted that masking pain is not enough. Today’s recommendations provide for multi-channel therapies. With the right approach, you can get better. We believe Longeva provides the right approach so you’ll be healthy enough to do the things you want to do with your family as you age.