About Miraflex

We are MiraFlex


The Brand MiraFlex began in 2004, the name comes from Miracle and Flex – a term we feel is a proper association for how this product works and words we continue to hear “It is a Miracle” time and time again. A made in Oklahoma product with owner R.C. Cunningham’s mission to make it a household name. Please listen and read the below link of our founder and my wonderful father.

Your ability to live an active and healthy life depends on how well you deal with the inflammation in your body that causes pain. The world we live in has many stresses and many times we have injuries or illnesses that contribute to pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, pain can occur to the young and the old at any given time. It’s widely accepted that masking pain is not enough. Today’s recommendations provide for multi-channel therapies. With the right approach, you can get better.

We have found that using MiraFlex daily at the beginning and at the end of your day, your game, your run will help improve the flexibility in your muscles and joints that have pain from inflammation. The instant warmth and cooling sensation of the anti-inflammatories along with the fast-absorbing wintergreen fragrance will penetrate quickly where applied.


In Memory of Our Founder