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Arthritis Pain Relief Cream


"MiraFlex is amazing. Smell dissipates quickly and it’s amazing how quickly it calms things down. It’s an excellent product. Feel free to use my name." Dr. Marcia Hollett, DC

Nearly 53 million adults and 300,000 children suffer from arthritis in America. Characterized by aching, swelling, stiffness, restricted range of motion, and even stabbing pain, arthritis is accompanied by inflammation attacking and eroding the cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones.

MiraFlex arthritis pain relief cream calms inflammation in the affected area by employing the two most documented all-natural anti-inflammatories on the planet. Our unique delivery system of aloe vera transports the beneficial ingredients to the area faster so you can meet the demands of your day.

How to Apply:

Anytime you feel arthritis pain and stiffness, apply miraFlex. For smaller joints, apply miraFlex liberally to the affected area covering the area completely. For larger joints, apply miraFlex liberally to the affected area. Wait one to two minutes, then reapply using a massaging action. Apply at bedtime to help prevent pain from reoccurring in the middle of the night.