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Back Pain Relief


"This is the best topical analgesic I have come across in years.  You can use me as a referral anytime, I am so pleased with MiraFlex."

Dr Steve Grunfeld



Low back pain is one of the most widely experienced conditions affecting the country today. Approximately 80% of all Americans will suffer from low back pain at least once during their lifetime, according to the Mayo Clinic. Characterized by inflammation and pain, low back pain can develop from many different causes, including a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, obesity, pregnancy, and even gender (low back pain is more common in women than men.)

Another common type of back pain often affects the base of the neck, an area that can tighten under stress and create inflammation.mature-woman-thumbs-up-small.jpg

MiraFlex, which utilizes the two strongest analgesics allowed without a prescription, along with the three most powerful all-natural anti-inflammatories, eases back pain by calming the inflammation at the source. Our unique delivery system of aloe vera transports the beneficial ingredients to the area faster so you can face the demands of your day.


How to Apply:
For smaller joints, apply MiraFlex liberally to the affected area covering the area completely. For larger joints, apply MiraFlex liberally to the affected area. Wait one to two minutes, then reapply using a massaging action. Applying at bedtime is best to allow your back time to rest and heal.