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Better Mobility for Golfers

MiraFlex is the secret to a painless swing

I don’t have to tell you about the amount of torque there is in your golf swing. Your swing naturally creates the torque that puts distance in your shots. But there is a sinister side to all that energy which shows up in your lower back, shoulders, your wrists, and even your knees and hips. Many of my subscribers are over 45 … that’s years not handicap … so what I’m going to share here with you will be especially important to keep your game up to par … no pun intended.

Today I’m going to tell you a couple of secrets I have in my bag of tricks that I know will help you by relieving the stress caused by that big, powerful swing of yours.

Greater flexibility = More torque = Distance

To gain that flexibility you first need to stretch. Okay, so stretching is not a secret, but this website is:

Without stealing the thunder found in these amazing stretching techniques, I’ll just tell you that the key to your swing is how well you can maintain the condition of your back, especially your lower back, during your game and then afterward. You know, that pain and stiffness you feel after a long day on the course. The first foundational stretch is illustrated below but you really need to see the entire set.

Founder Stretch Example Illustration

Something you may not know is that the tension/pain you feel is not just pain … it’s tissue that is inflamed from all that stress created in your swing, walking for several hours and of course finding your way out of the rough. Think of it this way: pain is a symptom … a signal sent from the brain telling you something is wrong. Inflammation is different. It is the body’s response to injury or disease and resides in the affected area. That’s a problem when inflammation is not checked because inflammation actually attacks and destroys tissue and can lead to chronic pain and trauma.

My secret weapon for pain and stress from overexertion is MiraFlex. MiraFlex is a topical pain reliever that is packed with all natural anti-inflammatories to quickly and effectively reduce pain and stiffness and improve flexibility and mobility … just what you need for that big swing.

MiraFlex is easy to apply, the greaseless application that comes in a convenient travel size which fits nicely in my bag. More importantly, it works super FAST! It’s amazing! And you can imagine, I’ve tried everything out there. You can get the complete story and best use suggestions right here at I highly, highly recommend you give MiraFlex a shot, before you play, during play. but afterward for sure … see if it doesn’t ramp up your game.

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Remember, it’s important to stretch properly to avoid those nagging injuries and use MiraFlex to reduce inflammation caused by all that torque.

Stay flexible,

Bobby Eldridge

MiraFlex from a Golfer’s Perspective

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