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Best Ways to Use MiraFlex

Posted by Bob Bray, EX VP on

All joints and muscles are not created equal. Some are bigger and some are smaller so they should be treated according their mass. This is a short compilation of techniques to give you maximum effectiveness when treating you injuries or arthritis.

The first 5 patients had amazing results!

I treat a lot of patients with peripheral Neuropathy and the first five patients I gave it to reported back amazing results!!

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It's the best 1!

It's better than any prescription pain relief on the market!!

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Patients Swear By It

MiraFlex is impressive. I use it myself. It's amazing how quickly it calms things down and the nice minty smell dissipates in minutes. MiraFlex is an excellent product, Feel free to use my name ... have other doctors call me!

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Best topical I've ever used

I think miraFlex is a great product ... far better than BioFreeze. I've been in practice for over 40 years and this is the best topical analgesic I've ever used. M. Deutsch, DC

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After ACL Surgery

I just wanted to let you know that miraFlex is like the hands of Jesus on my knee.Niamh, Nashville, TN

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Well Known Scoliosis Doc Talks About MiraFlex

I've been using miraFlex everyday. It has helped me with both my neck shoulder and leg pain that's been keeping me up at night. I think you have something good here.ThanksGary-- Gary A. Deutchman, DC, BCAO Vice President, Mission Life Internationalwww.missionlifeinternational.orgPresident, Scoliosis Care FoundationBlue Tree Clinics, Dubai tel. 971 4328 2686American Spine Center, Saudi German [...]

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Name Dropping?

Thank you for turning me on to MiraFlex. After you let me try it I went and bought Blue Emu thinking it would be the same. It was so far from it! It actually DIDN’T work at all! So thank you for the tube of miraFlex. I will be buying this from now on. Jack [...]

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Product Blogger loves miraFlex-R3

Miraflex: A New Generation of Pain ReliefJuliann Newton 11/11/2015 07:46PM Pain is an unfortunate part of life for millions of Americans. Athletic and trauma injuries, degenerative diseases like arthritis and gout, or muscular problems are common reasons people pain relief. Over-the-counter pain pills and topical creams have long been the drugs of choice, but now [...]

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MiraFlex spreading the love on the road

Chicago Club Industry Expo for personal trainers and club/spa owners ... great response to miraFlex and it's anti-inflammatory properties for DOMS and myofascial release ... just spreading the love ; )

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