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Inflammation Treatment

Chronic inflammation leads to chronic pain.


Pain has its place - to alert you there's a problem. Your immediate need is  to ease that pain. But the picture is much bigger than that, especially if you're experiencing pain on a regular basis. It means your tissue is also regularly inflamed creating a cycle of pain and stiffness. Topical pain relievers typically do not reduce inflammation. But inflammation is what keeps you from getting better and is a primary contributor to chronic pain. By controlling inflammation, you can retard the degenerative processes and recover quicker from injuries. Without controlling the inflammation, you have one certain outcome - chronic pain.

MiraFlex is formulated with three all natural and well documented anti-inflammatories - emu oil, MSM and broccoli seed extract. But miraflex also contains the two most powerful analgesics allowed without a prescription - menthol and methyl salicylate.

The analgesic/anti-inflammatory synergism creates a potent therapy for every musculoskeletal condition - from arthritis to delayed onset muscle soreness and myofascial release. As we say around here, "rub it on and roll it out," for the most complete relief.