It works!!

MiraFlex, Complete Relief

Armed with current medical findings with regard to the collateral damage of inflammation to our joints and muscles, MiraFlex-R3 was developed to calm inflammation with two powerful, all natural anti-inflammatories. MiraFlex also employs the strongest two pain relievers approved for topical applications to provide quick relief from pain caused by arthritis and trauma to the joints, muscles and connective tissue. This potent combination of anti-inflammatories and analgesics is wrapped in a proprietary delivery system to ensure that the therapeutic value of MiraFlex effectively and efficiently reaches the affected area. By providing the body relief from pain and the destructive force of inflammation, you not only get better mobility and range of motion but you have a chance to improve the condition. The result is faster, more complete relief.

Inflammation is very different. Inflammation is a chemical response in the body to some stimulus … such as trauma or disease, i.e. arthritis. Critically important is that inflammation resides in the affected area attacking and destroying tissue. Inflammation is ignited by an enzyme called COX-1 (cyclooxygenase), which produces prostaglandin, a hormone that begins the inflammatory process. MiraFlex is formulated with fatty acids that inhibit the COX-1 enzyme from producing prostaglandin, dramatically reducing the inflammatory response. To assure faster and more complete relief from inflammation, we included two additional naturally occurring anti-inflammatories.