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Joint Pain Relief

"Ever since introducing Miraflex-R3 into the practice it has become a staple. Once a patient tries it they LOVE it!"

Dr. James Johnson, DC

As you age, your tendons and ligaments begin to lose moisture, which causes your connective tissue to lose elasticity. When your joints are cold, such as early in the morning or after periods of nonuse, they become more susceptible to strejoint-pain.jpgss and can suffer micro-tears when moved, leaving you feeling bruised and sore.

Whether your joint pain is the result of micro-tears or injury to the body by trauma, the pain is due to damage to the connective tissue evident by the pain and inflammation. MiraFlex, which utilizes the two strongest analgesics allowed without a prescription, along with the two most powerful all-natural anti-inflammatories, eases the joint pain by calming the inflammation at the source. Our unique delivery system of aloe vera transports the beneficial ingredients to the area faster so you’re ready at any time to meet the demands of your day.

How to Apply:
For smaller joints, apply miraFlex liberally to the affected area covering the area completely. For larger joints, apply miraFlex liberally to the affected area. Wait one to two minutes, then reapply using a massaging action. Applying at bedtime is best to allow your joints time to rest and heal.