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Muscle Pain Relief Cream


Muscle pain is often the result of overexertion or stress and can be accompanied by bruising and, in extreme cases, even tearing during trauma. In either case, inflammation and swelling may occur. If the swelling becomes severe, see a doctor right away.

For minor muscle strain, applying miraflex-R3 muscle pain relief cream to the area can help reduce the inflammation present and ease the pain. MiraFlex, which utilizes the two strongest analgesics allowed without a prescription, along with the two most powerful all-natural anti-inflammatories, eases injury pain by calming the inflammation at the source. Our unique delivery system of aloe vera transports the beneficial ingredients to the area faster so you can get back into action.

How to Apply:
For smaller joints, apply miraflex-R3 liberally to the affected area covering the area completely. For larger joints, apply miraflex-R3 liberally to the affected area. Wait one to two minutes, then reapply using a massaging action.