MiraFlex Home and Travel Pack


(1) 4oz. Tube
(2) 1oz. Tubes

Faster, more complete pain relief:

  • Three powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatories. Remember, inflammation is a destructive force that attacks and destroys tissue, slowing the healing process.
  • Two of the most potent analgesics you can find without a prescription.
  • Patented delivery vehicle that quickly, efficiently transports the key ingredients to the affected area.
  • One 4 oz tube for home, two 1 oz tubes for your car, gym, office, or to travel with you.
  • Backed by our 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

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MiraFlex-R3 Packs a Big Punch against Pain

MiraFlex presents a potent synergy of three powerful components: all natural anti-inflammatories, two powerful analgesics and an all natural delivery vehicle to get to the affected area quickly and efficiently. This product has Certified Emu Oil and Aloe Vera for faster, deeper penetration to reduce inflammation. The patented formula for delivering the all natural pain relieving ingredients to ease your pain.

For joint pain or muscle pain this product will travel with you wherever you go. Two sizes that can fit in your purse or gym bag when you need it. Buy your Home and Travel Pack today.


It works!!

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