Wholesale Case 6oz. Pump of MiraFlex-R3


MiraFlex-R3 6oz. Pump, for pain relief

Faster, more complete pain relief:

  • Three powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatories to stop the pain at its source.
  • A patented delivery system that quickly, efficiently transports the key ingredients to the affected area.
  • Two of the most potent analgesics available without a prescription.
  • Backed by our 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Wholesale customers only. A case contains 12/6oz pumps.

MiraFlex-R3 6oz. Pump, faster pain relief

Topical pain relievers usually do not provide any anti-inflammatory action. Inflammation is the central issue in arthritis, as well as injuries to joints, muscles, and connective tissue. Pain is the sensation you feel when the tissue becomes traumatized and inflamed. Because of the destructive force of inflammation, the tissue has a much harder time repairing while it is inflamed.

Pain is a signal sent from the brain telling you something is wrong. That signal is what you FEEL. It’s called pain, which you’re familiar with. Analgesics work by interrupting the pain signal subcutaneously. The effectiveness of the pain reliever is determined by the strength of the analgesics and the speed and efficiency of its delivery to the affected area.

We formulated MiraFlex-R3 with the two best analgesics allowed by the FDA for over-the-counter topical applications. MiraFlex gets to the affected area via an all-natural vehicle easily and quickly penetrates human skin. The human skin is designed to keep things from NOT entering the body! The MiraFlex delivery system is a key distinguishing feature.

How Inflammation Destroys Tissue IllustrationInflammation Destroys Tissue

Inflammation is a chemical response in the body to some stimulus … such as trauma or disease, i.e. arthritis. Critically important is that inflammation resides in the affected area attacking and destroying tissue. Inflammation is ignited by an enzyme called COX-1 (cyclooxygenase), which produces prostaglandin, a hormone that begins the inflammatory process. MiraFlex is formulated with fatty acids that inhibit the COX-1 enzyme from producing prostaglandin, dramatically reducing the inflammatory response. To assure faster and more complete relief from inflammation, we included two additional naturally occurring anti-inflammatories.

Rigorous Manufacturing Standards

Over-the-counter medications are required to meet rigorous testing requirements to assure that the finished product will perform according to high standards and that it is safe for human consumption. Consequently, our manufacturing facility is certified at the highest ISO rating for this category ISO 13485, which allows for sterile topical applications.

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Faster pain relief, topical analgesic